Ruminants Products

Berenil RTUReady- to use- solution for the treatment and control of infections with Trypanosoma and Babesia
Borgal® 24%
  1. Borgal 24% is a solution for injection and contains trimethoprim and sulfadoxin.
  2. Trimethoprim is a diaminopyrimidine and sulfadoxin belongs to the group of sulfonamides.
  3. The combination is active against a wide range of Gram-positive and Gramnegative micro-organisms.
Bovilis Bovipast
Bovilis IBR marker inac
Bovilis® BVDBovilis BVD is an inactivated vaccine for the active immunisation of cattle against Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) and, in cows and heifers, against transplacental infection of the foetus with BVDV.
Butalex®A ruby red injectable solution
Butox® EC 50%Ectoparasiticide.
Bykahepar®A reliable digestive stimulant for cattle , horses , sheep , goats , dogs and cats.
Cobactan 2.5%
  1. Cobactan 2.5 % is a suspension for injection containing cefquinome, a 4th generation cephalosporin.
  2. The shape of the cefquinome molecule facilitates a rapid tissue distribution and entry into bacterial cell walls, resulting in a rapid cure following injection.
    Cefquinome has a broad-spectrum activity against Grampositive and Gramnegative bacteria, such as pasteurella spp, Salmonella spp, E coli, Staphylococcus spp, Clostridium spp, haemophilus spp., Actinobacillus spp and Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae.
  3. Cefquinome is highly resistant against ß-lactamase producing bacteria.
Cobactan® LC
  1. Cobactan LC is a mastitis injector for intramammary use during the lactation period, containing a 4th generation cephalosporin.
  2. Cefquinome is an antibiotic of the ß – lactam class, belonging to the group of cephalosporins.
  3. The unique shape of the cefquinome molecule facilitates a rapid distribution and entry into bacterial cells walls, resulting in a high cure rate and a quick return to milk production following administration.
  4. The active ingredient is highly resistant against ß – lactamases and has a broad-spectrum activity against Gram-positive bacteria, including ß lactamase producing staphylococci, and Gram-negative bacteria such as E coli.
Covexin® 10Suspension for injection for cattle and sheep
Estrumate®Clear colorless aqueous solution of PGF2ά for injection
Fertagyl®Fertagyl is a clear solution of Gonadorelin for injection.
Finadyne®A potent, non-steroidal, non-narcotic analgesic with anti-inflammatory, antiendotoxic and anti-pyretic activities.
Hapadex®A broad spectrum anthelmintic for the effective treatment and control of the gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, liver fluke and tapeworms of sheep & Cattle in the form of oral suspension.
Imizol®A sterile, clear, aqueous solution for injection.
Mastijet Fort®1. Mastijet Fort is an intramammary injector for use in lactating cattle.
2. The combination of antibiotics used in Mastijet Fort ensures a broad spectrum of activity covering all the commonly occurring mastitis-causing bacteria.
3. The ingredient prednisolone decreases the inflammatory reactions, promotes a decrease of the Somatic Cell Count and a rapid return to milk production.
Metricure®1. Metricure is an injector for intra-uterine use in cattle.
2. The injector contains cephapirin, an antibiotic belonging to the group of cephalosporins.
3. Cephapirin is active against a wide range of bacteria involved in endometritis, such as Actinomyces pyogenes, Fusobacterium necrophorum, anaerobe Bacteroides spp. and E coli.
4. After intra-uterine application of Metricure, high levels of cephapirin are obtained in the uterus lumen as well as in the uterus wall.
Nasalgen IP®Modified live virus vaccine
Nuflor®Each ml contains Florfenicol 300 mg
Panacur® SuspensionBroad spectrum anthelmintic.
Receptal®Gonadotrophin-Releasing Hormone Analogue.
Tonophosphan® 20%Tonic and restorative.