13 January 2016

Resflor Launching

  • Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is one of the most costly disease affecting cattle around the world.
  • Many vaccines have been developed to reduce the incidence of the disease but right now medication is still an important tool to control the disease.
  • MSD Animal Health is a leader company in this segment and recently introduced its new innovative product Resflor to the Egyptian market as an attempt to control this serious problem.
  • Resflor is a combination of both Flofenicol as antibiotic and Flunixin meglumin as anti-inflammatory in one injection.
  • Resflor provides the following benefits:
    1. Fast acting (6 hours)
    2. Long lasting
    3. Dual action (antibiotic and anti-inflammatory in one injection).
    4. Less stress on the animal (2 in 1).
    5. Only one shot.
  • Resflor “ The All In One “