15 May 2016

Scalibor Launching

  • As the climate become hot and humid, external parasites of pets are highly activated causing variety of disease problems to the animals and may extend to human as zoonotic diseases like human leishmaniasis.
  • One of the important ways to prevent these diseases for both animals and human is to eradicate the external parasites ( Ticks – fleas – mosquitos – sand fly - ………) which are the main vectors for many diseases.
  • MSD Animal Health as a leader company in the eradication of animal parasites, has launched its new innovative product Scalibor collars in the Egyptian market last May by conducting a launch ceremony in the presence of many vets and expertise whom concerns is pets health.
  • Scalibor collars provide the solution for the difficult equation where it provides the higher potency with the complete safety for long time.
  • It kills most external parasites of dogs ( ticks, fleas, mosquitos and sand fly) where it contains Deltamethrin as active ingredient with complete safety for the animal, human and environment.
  • Its effect is extended for about six months and affect all stages of the parasites.
  • It has dual actions replant and killing action by contact.
  • Scalibor is found in two lengths 65 cm and 48 cm.
  • Thanks Scalibor.