Omni Serve

Omni Serve is an innovative initiative that aims to provide a multitude of services to MSD’s partners in success.

The Omni Serve program from MSD Egypt Animal Health aims to provide benefits for poultry, company and people.

Omni Serve consists of 4 pillars of care

  • Exploration
  • Education
  • Application
  • Monitoring


The first step towards producing a higher performing flock starts with understanding the diseases that may derail this plan. Our team of specialists will help in preparing a comprehensive risk analysis plan.


MSD animal health believes that science is the cornerstone in creating a healthy flock, so we made it our focus to provide your people with the knowledge they need for the disease diagnosis and protection.


The success of the vaccination program depends up on devices designed to work smoothly with a wide range of vaccines to increase vaccination speed, accuracy and quality.


Monitoring is continuous observation of the immune status of a flock.

Monitoring of the immune status of a flock reduces production costs by allowing improved efficiency of vaccination programs as well as immediate detection/diagnosis of disease to limit and identify cause of production losses.

Omni Serve is an innovative program towards successful partnership.