Each ml contains Imidocarb diprobionate 120 mg


  1. Treatment and prevention of babesiosis in cattle, sheep, horses, donkeys, mules and dogs.
  2. Imizol is highly effective against large and small forms of babesia.
  3. The prolonged action of imidocarb exerts a prophylactic effect against babesia infection for up to 6 weeks.
  4. Treatment of anaplasma infection of cattle.


  1. Treatment of babesia
    • Cattle & Sheep :
      1ml/100kg bwt
    • Horses , donkeys & mules :
      2ml/100kg bwt
  2. Treatment of anaplasmosis and mixed infection due to
    Anaplasma & Babesia
    • Cattle :
      2.5ml/100 kg bwt
  3. Prophylaxis of babesiosis in cattle and horses
    • Cattle :
      2.5ml/100 kg bwt
      A single dose will prevent babesiosis for up to 4 weeks
      depending on the severity of the challenge and species
    • Equines :
      2ml/100 kg bwt
      A single dose will prevent babesiosis for up to 4 weeks
  4. Imizol can also be used to sterilize most babesia infections inanimals

Imizol can be given by S/C or I/M injection , the latter route is preferred for horses.


  1. Do not administer by I/V
  2. At the recommended dose Imizol is safe in use.
  3. Side effects of a cholinergic nature may occur occasionally , these are transient and need not cause alarm
  4. If they are excessive , they may be alleviated by treatment with atropine
  5. sulphate.

Withdrawal periods

  1. Milk : 3 days
  2. Meat : 28 days


  1. Store between 2° – 25°C
  2. Protected from light
  3. Do not freeze