Nobilis® CAV P4

Nobilis CAV P4 is a live attenuated vaccine against Chicken Anaemia Virus.

Active components per dose:
Live CAV virus strain 26P4: 3.0 log10 TCID50

A freeze-dried pellet.

Vaccination of chickens against chicken anaemia from 6 weeks of age onwards until 6 weeks prior to the onset of lay.

The vaccine can be administered to chickens from 6 weeks of age onwards. To make sure that adequate antibody levels are present before laying commences, breeding stock needs to be vaccinated at least 6 weeks before the onset of lay. Vaccination against CAV can be combined with vaccination against Reo-live or inactivated viral vaccines (intramuscular or subcutaneous route) or with vaccination against Fowl Pox (wingweb route) or with vaccination with Nobilis AE + Pox.

0.2 ml per bird.

Method of administration
For intramuscular or subcutaneous injection:

  • Reconstitute the vaccine in Intervet’s diluent Dilavia, using 200 ml per 1000
  • Administer 0.2 ml of the vaccine by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.

For the wingweb method:

  • Reconstitute the vaccine in Intervet’s diluent Unisolve, using 13 ml per 1000
    • Dip the double needle into the vaccine solution so that both grooves are
      filled, before vaccinating each bird.
  • Insert the needle through the wingweb from beneath.

For use with inactivated vaccines:

  • Reconstitute the vaccine in 2 ml of Sterile Phosphate Buffered Saline and add this to the inactivated viral vaccine, shake the vaccine well before use.

Withholding period

Boxes of vials each containing 1000 doses.

Store between 2-8°C in the dark.

The vaccine must not be used in the laying period.

Further information
Can be combined with live Reo vaccine (Nobilis Reo 1133), Nobilis OVO Diphterin and Nobilis AE + Pox and with Intervet’s inactivated viral vaccines.

Dispose of empty or part-used vials in accordance with local regulations.


  • Wash and disinfect hands and equipment after vaccinating.
  • Vaccinate healthy birds only.
  • The vaccine should be used within 4 hours of reconstitution.