Nobilis® Influenza H5N2

Inactivated avian influenzavirus Type A antigen prepared as a water-in-oil emulsion vaccine.

intramuscular or subcutaneous (lower back of the neck) injection.

500ml bottle equivalent to 1000 doses.

Emergency vaccination schedule
Primary vaccination – administered to all poultry irrespective of age
Booster vaccination 4-6 weeks later (if primary vaccination is administered before 3 weeks of age, revaccination at 16 – 18 weeks of age is recommended)

Composition :
Inactivated Avian Influenza virus Type A, subtype H5N2,
strain A/duck/Potsdam/1402/86.

Water-in-oil emulsion

Vaccination of Replacement Flocks:
In high risk areas (active infection) primary vaccination (0.25ml) is recommended to establish early immunity. Two booster vaccinations 0.5ml are recommended at 4 – 6 weeks and 16 – 18 weeks of age.
In areas with high infection pressure, revaccination at midlay may be indicayed.
In low risk areas, or wherre poultry flocks are reared in an AI free zone with the intention of future transfer into an AI positive zone. Primary vaccination (0.5ml) administered at 4 weeks of age and booster vaccination (0.5ml) administered at16 – 18 weeks of age.

Under all circumstances vaccination schedules implemented should comply with requirements of national regulatory authorities.