Nobilis® Influenza H9N2 + ND

Composition Active component :
Inactivated Avian Influenza virus type A, subtype H9N2, strain A/CK/UAE/415/99.
Inactivated Newcastle Disease Virus, strain Clone30 .

Water-in-oil emulsion.

Nobilis® Influenza H9N2+ND is meant to be used for active immunization of healthy poultry as an aid in the prevention of Avian Influenza, type A, subtype H9 and Newcastle Disease.

Recommended vaccination program
Poultry can be vaccinated from one-day-old onwards . Layers and breeders should be revaccinated after 6-10 weeks. The second vaccination should not be administered later than 4 weeks before the expected onset of lay. In case of emergency, vaccination can be given during lay. For an optimal ND effect. the birds should be primed with a live vaccine against Newcastle disease.

Method of administration
The vaccine is a liquid product ready to be used. Shake well before use. The vaccine administered subcutaneously in the lower back part of the neck or intramuscularly in the breast muscle.

For poultry up to an age of 6 weeks a dose of 0.25 ml can be used.
For poultry older than of 6 weeks a dose of 0.5 ml is advice.

Vaccination reactions
In healthy birds no clinical reaction to vaccination will be observed . After vaccination a slight swelling may be felt at the site of vaccination . When vaccinated during lay, a drop in production may be seen, due to handling of the birds during this period.

When used according to instructions: None.

500 ml bottle.

Store in refrigerator between 2-8°C. Protect from light. Do not freeze.