Nobilis® Rismavac + CA126

Live vaccine for the active immunization of chickens against Marek’s Disease.

Active components per dose:

  • Live MD THV strain FC-126: 3.0 log10 pfu
  • Live MD CHV strain CVI-988: 3.0 log10 pfu

Frozen cell suspension, in liquid nitrogen.

Immunization of chickens against Marek’s Disease. For use when very virulent strains of MDV (vvMDV) are prevalent.

Chicks should be vaccinated at one day old.

0.2 ml per bird.

Method of administration
The vaccine is administered subcutaneously in the neck or intramuscularly in the leg.
The vaccine ampoule should be kept in an ice bath and frequently agitated.

Withholding period

A pack consisting of:

  • One ampoule of the CVI-988 strain of the chicken herpes virus and FC-126 strain of Turkey Herpes Virus.
  • A bottle or infusion bag with sterile Diluent (Cell-associated).

The ampoules are inserted in metal cylinders and shipped in a liquid nitrogen

Store in liquid nitrogen (-196°C).
Ampoule: Store in a liquid nitrogen container.
Diluent: Store at room temperature.
Container: Store the liquid nitrogen container securely in an upright position in a dry, well-ventilated area and away from incubator intakes and chicken boxes.

When used according to instructions: None.

Further information

  • Do not mix with other vaccines.
  • Dispose of empty or part-used vials in accordance with local regulations.
  • Keep vaccine ampoules frozen in liquid nitrogen until ready to vaccinate.
  • Only use vaccine that has been thawed immediately prior to use.


  • Both liquid nitrogen container and vaccine should be handled only by properly trained personnel, taking care to observe the safety precautions for handling liquid nitrogen and materials at very low temperature.
  • Care should be taken to prevent contaminating hands, eyes and clothing with the vaccine.
  • Entire contents of ampoule must be used within 2 hours after reconstitution.
  • Any remaining vaccine should be discarded.